Terms & Conditions

Warequip Solutions (Hire it Now) agrees:

  1. To provide the equipment to the customers in clean and good working order.
  2. To instruct the customer in the use of the equipment including periodic maintenance (where applicable).
  3. In a timely fashion to rectify any faults with the equipment that may be reported.
  4. To keep all customer details and payment information provided private and not share this information with third parties.


The hirer agrees:

  1. To pay hire charges in advance of the rental period as invoiced by the owner until goods are returned to owners premises.
  2. To Warequip Solutions taking a credit card hold for the duration of the vehicle will be taken on commerce of hire.
  3. The owner reserves the right to terminate this contract if monies are not paid by the customer when due and conduct legal proceedings in regard to recovery of monies owing by the customer.
  4. To pay Warequip Solutions the full list price for any equipment lost or stolen while in possession of hirer.
  5. To pay for repairs to any equipment damaged and all costs incurred cleaning the equipment while on hire as invoiced by Hire It Now. Vehicles returned in an unclean state will incur a charge of $145 + GST per vehicle.
  6. To operate the equipment safely, strictly in accordance with the law, only for its intended use and in accordance with the manufacturers or owners instructions provided with or on the equipment.
  7. Persons operating the equipment carry the correct license (if applicable) and are not under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at any time whilst in use.
  8. Not to exceed maximum load capacity or carry illegal, prohibited or dangerous substances in or on the equipment.
  9. To report any damage or accident that occurs to Warequip Solutions within a maximum of 2 business days from the incident.
  10. Not to tamper with, modify or repair any part of the hire equipment without the prior consent of Warequip Solutions. (Charges will apply)
  11. To pay for all costs of repairing or replacing tyres or punctures (including travel to site where applicable)
  12. That no warranty or condition expressed or implied is given by Warequip Solutions as to the condition of the goods, or as to the suitability or fitness of the goods for any purpose.
  13. To safely secure all items loaded in or on the equipment or in on the customers vehicle, and indemnify Warequip Solutions in respect of any injury and/or damage caused by items falling from the equipment or from any vehicle or trailer operated by or on behalf of the customer.
  14. That no equipment is registered with road authorities and on road use is therefore prohibited unless the customer obtains the required registrations/permits at own cost in advance.
  15. Warequip Solutions does not accept any responsibility for any injuries to person or persons or damage to property belonging to the hirer or to anyone else, arising out of the user of machinery hereby hired, however such injury or damage may arise or be caused.


Not withstanding anything herein contained, this contract shall be the subject to such terms, conditions and warranties as are implied by any law relating hereto, to the extent that they are incapable of being excluded by agreement.

Any discrepancy regarding hire charged, day’s charges, delivery costs etc, must be notified to our office immediately on receiving this notice.